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Homenaje de Librerías Gandhi a Gabriel García Márquez.


Untitled, 2014

El 10 de marzo de 1911 Emiliano Zapata se levantó en armas, uniendo se así al movimiento revolucionario que desde noviembre del año anterior luchaba en contra del gobierno de Porfirio Díaz.


MORELOS, Mexico—A sugar-cane cutter with a machete, 1984.
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Ahí es cuando las cosas se ponen serias.


Mexican architect Frida Escobedo has transformed the former home and studio of painter David Alfaro Siqueiros into a public gallery and encased the entire complex behind a triangulated concrete lattice.


La Tallera de Siqueiros


Fuck you Time magazine.

The cover of Time’s next issue (February 24, 2014 | Vol. 183 No. 7) shows a photo of Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, with a headline that reads “Saving Mexico. How Enrique Peña Nieto`s sweeping reforms have changed the narrative in his narco-stained nation.”

I haven’t read the article, but I can assure you, his government and neoliberal reforms are definitely not “saving” Mexico. They may help the economy from a macro and capitalist perspective, but they don’t help the middle and lower classes and only worsen the social inequality among the population.

Also, the violence wave that’s been sweeping the country since 2006 and the war against the narco has not improved during his government. It looks more like the situation is slipping away from its grasp, like in the case of the sate of Michoacan.

So he’s not fucking saving anyone. 

Any case, I like this alternative cover by Mike Sandoval better.

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Vista sobre Tepoztlan desde el Tepozteco
View over Tepoztlan (Mexico) from the Tepozteco Pyramid


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